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Tech to Foster Connection

An older couple facetime a younger girl on a tablet
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A close-up of a hand typing on a laptop keyboard in a dark setting.

With scams on the rise, knowing how to keep your personal information safe is a must. Learn the skills for staying safe online with these tips and a free course.

A woman rests her face on one hand while holding a pen in the other in a casual writing position. She's softly smiling while looking off into the distance.

Everyone has that little voice inside their head. You know the one: It whispers that you messed up. Says you don’t know what you’re doing. Makes you feel as if you’re not good enough. That voice has a name. It’s called the inner critic — and it’s part of being human. Theories abound as to […]

Two women sit on a front porch drinking coffee and laughing.

Social isolation can happen for a variety of reasons. Your grown children and grandchildren may live far away. A job change or retirement may mean no longer having daily contact with co-workers. Injury or poor health may be keeping you on the sidelines. Isolation is more than being alone — it’s being detached physically or […]