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Your Home Journey to Aging In Place

Discover home maintenance how-tos, tips to save money on household expenses, and free and low-cost services to help you remain in your home now and in the future.

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AARP Foundation helps turn setbacks into comebacks. We offer solutions that help people 50 and older secure the essentials — equitably.

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Get tips for saving money on your internet, phone, energy, and water bills.

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Homeowners may be eligible to receive property tax credits or refunds — find out how to get money back in your pocket.

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Discover top recommendations from home maintenance experts for keeping your home in good condition as you age.

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Thinking Of Getting A Roommate To Save On Housing Costs? Here are our top tips to help you have a successful living situation.

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Home-grown vegetables taste better and can help you save on groceries, making room in your budget for other essential expenses.

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Discover how to save on new devices, find deals on used phones, and shop around for the best cell phone plans.

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Looking for advice on buying a home, renting, credit issues, or foreclosure prevention? Find a free or low-cost counselor near you.

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Are you having trouble making rent payments? You’re not alone. Discover support with housing expenses and avoid eviction.

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Get financial assistance with your heating and cooling costs, weatherization and energy-related home repairs.

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