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Find Ways To Make Ends Meet

Discover tips and programs to help lower your household expenses.

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AARP Foundation helps turn setbacks into comebacks. We offer solutions that help people 50 and older secure the essentials — equitably.

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You may qualify for a program that helps you keep more of the money you’ve earned. Learn about the EITC and assistance getting money back.

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Has your electricity been turned off because you couldn’t pay the bill? Here’s how to get it turned back on and where you can get financial assistance.

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Discover if you’re eligible for SNAP, a federal benefit, that helps you put food on the table. Seniors may qualify for additional benefits.

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Laid off? Lost your spouse? On disability? Discover resources that can help when life doesn’t go as planned.

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These days, the name of the game is saving money. Find out how to make saving part of your routine with tips from financial experts.

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Discover trusted methods to help you pay down debt and get tips for avoiding repayment scams.

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Find better alternatives to cash advances and payday loans.

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Spending a little money on regular maintenance tasks can extend the life of your car. Get 5 simple tips here.

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With prices going up, try these aisle-by-aisle tips for spending less and eating healthier.

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