Discover Resources to Help You Thrive

Take charge of life’s ups and downs with practical tips and free support – from help finding work to lowering your bills.

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Go From Surviving To Thriving

Since 1961, we’ve helped tens of millions of older adults connect with programs that provide support when they need it most.

AARP Foundation helps turn setbacks into comebacks. We offer solutions that help people 50 and older secure the essentials – equitably.


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Take Control Of Your Student Debt

Get the scoop on government programs that may get rid of some — or all — of your debt or reduce your monthly payments.

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How to Find Rent and Mortgage Assistance

Facing financial hardship? Discover support and information you can use to avoid eviction or foreclosure.

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Visit The Freelancing Resource Center

Learn to make extra cash each month with a side hustle. Dive into step-by-step how-tos and free workshops on the basics.

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Discover Support for Social Isolation

Feeling lonely can affect your health and well-being. Get tips and tools for strengthening connections and building relationships.

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Get a Free Home Upkeep Guide

Keeping your home in good condition means you’ll be able to live comfortably and affordably in your home for longer.

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Are You Ready to Work for Yourself?

More people than ever are working for themselves. Our free guide can help you determine if starting a business is the right choice for you.

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