You Could Save Up to $7,000 A Year on Medicare & Prescription Costs

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Find Out if You Qualify — We’re Here to Help!

Are you over 65, living on a fixed income, and struggling with your health care costs?

You may qualify through government programs called Medicare Savings Programs to have some of your Medicare expenses paid for.

10 Million Adults are Already Participating in a Medicare Savings Program

Medicare Savings Programs are not insurance — they’re programs that pay for certain Medicare expenses. If you qualify, you’re also automatically enrolled in Extra Help, a government program that can help you save on prescription drug costs. These two programs together can save you up to $7,000 a year.

We want to help make health care and prescription drugs more affordable. We’ll connect you to a community organization in your state that offers free assistance, helps you understand if you qualify, and explains your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Medicare Savings Programs?

Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) are a benefit program that help people with limited income and resources pay for some or all of their Medicare costs. For those who qualify, Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) can help with out-of-pocket costs such as premiums, copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Figuring out if you qualify for a program can be tricky — call for help.

Will enrolling in a Medicare Savings Program change my coverage or will I have to give up my current doctor?

This is not an insurance plan. Your current plan and health care providers won’t change. You will simply receive help to pay for some of your Medicare expenses.

How do I know this is trustworthy?

Medicare Savings Programs are provided by the government to help eligible Medicare beneficiaries pay for some health care related expenses. There is no cost to participate, and no one will ask you for money.

If you qualify, you will get assistance with your deductible, copays, coinsurance and/or premium. You can check out Medicare Savings Programs on the official government website: (Note that only an official government organization in the U.S. can use a .gov website.)

How do I know if I am eligible?

Program eligibility varies by state, but in general, your income — and sometimes your assets — must be below certain limits to qualify.

Monthly income cannot exceed:

  • $1,549 per month per Individual
  • $2,080 per month per Married Couple

Assets cannot exceed:

  • $8,400 per Individual
  • $12,600 per Married Couple

Most states use these limits, but some states have different guidelines. For example, Alaska and Hawaii have higher income limits. Also, some states do not apply asset limits.

If you have additional questions, the easiest way to figure out your eligibility is to call for free assistance.

Does it include prescription drug costs?

If you qualify for a Medicare Savings Program, you are automatically eligible for an additional program called Extra Help, which covers Medicare prescription drug costs and can save you roughly $5,000 a year.

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Get Assistance Applying for Medicare Savings Programs

Call and connect to a local organization to determine if you’re eligible:

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