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AARP Foundation is excited to launch the Digital Skills Ready@50+™ program, made possible through a generous grant from Google.org. The free initiative provides digital skills training for people over 50 who are living with low income, with a focus on digital essentials to help you find and secure a job, change careers, or explore entrepreneurship. Watch the video tutorials and read the additional resources to help you build your digital skills.

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Gain access to two step-by-step tutorials for How to Protect Your Personal Information Online and How to Use Google Workspace.

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Digital skills are essential to success in today’s workforce, whether you’re entering data into a computer or using a smartphone to make deliveries. These step-by-step guides and how-tos can help you build the skills and confidence to navigate the evolving technology landscape.

Featured Content

Illustration that reads Resume Best Practices

Resume Best Practices

Increase your chances of landing an interview with these three resume tips.

Illustration that reads Resume Tech Terms to Know

Resume Tech Terms to Know

Learn how to upload your resume and apply to jobs online.

Illustration that reads Intermediate Tech Terms

Intermediate Tech Terms

Learn a few common technical terms about the internet.

Illustration that reads Advanced Tech Terms

Advanced Tech Terms

Step-by-step tips for troubleshooting your internet at home.

Illustration that reads Resources for Jobseekers

Resources for Jobseekers

Are you an adult over 50 looking for work? We’re here for you.

Illustration that reads How to Make an Indeed Profile

How to Make an Indeed Profile

Learn step-by-step how to start looking and applying for jobs online with Indeed.

Illustration that reads How to Make a Fiverr Profile

How to Make a Fiverr Profile

Learn step-by-step how to start earning extra money through freelancing.

Illustration that reads Digitally Build Your Professional Network

Digitally Build Your Professional Network

Are you looking for a job or growing your side hustle? Here are three tips for how to build your network on LinkedIn.

Illustration that reads Introduction to Digital Skills Ready

Introduction to Digital Skills Ready@50+

Learn more about what Digital Skills Ready@50+ can offer you.

Illustration that reads Avoid Job Scams

Avoid Job Scams

Watch this video for tips on avoiding job scams while looking for work online.

An illustration of a scammer staring at an older man talking on his cellphone.

How to Detect a Scam

Protect yourself online and on the phone with these three crucial tips.

An illustration of an older man sitting at a computer in a kitchen.

How to Find Freelance Work Online

Watch this video for tips on earning income in the new gig economy with a flexjob or side hustle.

An illustration of an older man taking a photo of a check with his phone.

How to Deposit a Check Without Going to the Bank

Learn how to deposit checks from home with your smartphone or tablet in this step-by-step video.

An illustration of two hands holding a tablet.

Find Volunteer Opportunities Online

Discover where to search online for volunteer opportunities that could help build job skills.

Person holding a phone with a video call on the screen.

Join a Zoom Meeting on Your Phone

Learn how to join a Zoom meeting from a mobile device.

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